Quality Business Awards

We are proud to announce The Jade Centre is the winner of the Quality Business Awards 2023 for “The Best Acupuncture in Leeds“.

Quality Business Awards’ have high criteria, so being selected and winning this award is a real achievement. Only businesses achieving an average quality score of 95%, or greater, over the previous 12 months period are eligible. As the businesses who do go on to win this award represent less than 1% of registered UK businesses, at The Jade Centre we feel especially honoured to have our dedication to providing a quality acupuncture service, alongside fantastic customer experience, recognised with this reward.


To enable a business to be considered for a Quality Business Award, an internal point scoring system is used to access if a business has an exceptional overall quality rating; the business must have both outstanding customer reviews and reputation from more than 3 different platforms. Businesses responding to customers questions and concerns with continued regularity are also highly regarded. Businesses with exceptional records, spanning over multiple years with 0 to a very low number of complaints score highly. Businesses that conduct their day-to-day efforts with the highest integrity and who have shown a continuous trying to give back to the local community, whilst reducing their carbon footprint are also awarded with a Quality Business Award. The process is started from scratch and re-evaluated for each business in the UK every year.

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