Meet Louise

The Jade Centre is owned by Louise Attwood

Hi there,

I’m Louise Attwood, owner of The Jade Centre and key practitioner. Let me tell you a bit about myself, and my practice.

I originally trained as a nurse, and although I gained a great deal of knowledge about Western Medicine through this line of work I always felt something was missing. While I believe that Western Medicine has much to offer, I always felt there was a lot lacking as it didn’t look at many of the aspects of people’s lives that could have been adding to their health problems. 

To fill this gap I was drawn towards Chinese Herbal Medicine and Acupuncture. Although its language is very different to Western Medicine it has clear and definite ways of diagnosing and understanding our health, which is an approach that I both admire and respect.

TCM is not just about treating people. It is a way life!

Ancient Chinese Medicine includes an understanding of the world in which we live, and the importance of our relationship with nature. This relationship permeates through the whole of the Chinese Medicine system and the approach is as valid today as it has ever been – offering clear, sensible advice for many areas of our lives. 

One of Chinese Medicine’s greatest strengths is that it can help discover the actual cause of a disease. It looks at all elements of our lives, including our lifestyle, to gain a complete picture of what is going wrong. Once the problems have been identified we can help you to begin the healing process. This is extremely empowering, as it helps you to reclaim control over your own health.


I consider myself extremely fortunate to have discovered Chinese Medicine early on in my adult life as this line of work continues to this day to inspire and motivate me in both my personal and professional life.

Desire to help women with gynaecology and fertility issues

I have always found gynaecology interesting as many of the signs and symptoms that we’ll use as a basis for general health diagnosis are reflected in women’s menstrual cycles. As such, fertility has become a natural extension of my practice. I find this area an especially rewarding one to work in, as the women who are coming to see me are generally very clued up on their reproductive physiology. This means that I often find myself having detailed conversations about the Chinese Medicine approach and how it works alongside the Western Medicine approach. I love this! Added to this, the people I see for fertility treatment are particularly pleasurable to work with as they are usually in a place where they will try their very best to make all the necessary changes in their lifestyles to help them to become successfully pregnant.

Bespoke & unique service

I provide a bespoke and unique service, priding myself on building excellent rapport and relationships with my patients, many of whom come in for regular treatments to enhance their health and wellbeing.  I enjoy working with my patients to help them to understand how their body functions and to enhance their individual health and to overcome any condition they may have. Whatever you need I will do my very best to help.

Member of professional bodies:

Training & practice history


Trained to be a RGN nurse at The John Radcliffe Hospital, Oxford


Trained as a 5-element style acupuncturist at the College of Traditional Acupuncture (Licentiate in Acupuncture), Leamington Spa


Started my own 5-element style acupuncture practice


Trained in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) at Northern College, York


My practice changed from 5-element to TCM based


Developed acupuncture knowledge and skills in the Clinical Practice of Acupuncture at Nanjing International Acupuncture Training Centre, China


Trained in Chinese Herbal Medicine (CHM) at Northern College, York


Started practicing CHM alongside acupuncture at my own clinic – The Jade Centre


Began specialising in fertility & gynaecology

2001- Present

Constantly updating my skills through seminars, courses and workshops in areas that hold a particular interest for me


2014 Shulan College of Chinese Medicine, Tuina course

Please give me a call to discuss your treatment and how I can help you. If I can’t answer, please leave a message and I’ll call you back as soon as I can (usually same day or the day after). I’m really looking forward to speaking to you.