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Welcome to The Jade Centre

I’m Louise Attwood, the owner of the Jade Centre – a friendly and professional medical practice for acupuncture andChinese Herbal Medicine in the heart of Chapel Allerton, Leeds.


Acupuncture stimulates the body's natural healing abilities and promotes physical and emotional well-being.

Herbal Medicine

Chinese Herbal Medicine [CHM] is often administered alongside acupuncture. I can also consult and prescribe online.

Fertility, IVF and Pregnancy

I have a growing specialism in this area, joining patients on their fertility journey.

neck and shoulder pain traditional chinese medicine
tcm acupuncture for fertitlity
health insurer treatment
traditional chinese herbal medicine colds and flu
TCM acupuncture for stress. As our lives become more and more stressful, I see increasing numbers of patients suffering with stress induced conditions. As always with tcm treatment, we will diagnose the underlying tcm patterns first

Acupuncture & Chinese Herbal Medicine

Heal Your Body and Mind. Continue To Enjoy a Full and Happy Life

I’m an expert practitioner of over 30 years and provide effective treatment for a wide range of conditions for many satisfied patients every year.

My practice is deeply rooted in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) including acupuncture, cupping, moxibustion, and Chinese herbal medicine. TCM offers a holistic approach that treats the whole person in body and mind. Enjoyed on its own or used to complement and support western medical interventions, TCM can help you to overcome a wide range of conditions that may be impacting your quality of life.

As well as helping you to recover from, or manage, specific health complaints, I strongly believe in prevention as much as a cure. Maintaining your health when you are well is every bit as important as helping you when you aren’t. I work with you to manage your health, including relaxation, stress control and dietary advice, to help you to stay in peak condition and enjoy life to the full.

Working with me, you will enjoy a personalised treatment in my quiet and calm space. I am dedicated to the provision of gentle and supportive healthcare with an individual focus.

Looking for IVF or fertility support? I can help.

Who Do I Treat?

Some of my patients have been seeing me for over 20 years and view me as they would their GP, while others only come in for a few sessions to treat their current problem and stop when the condition is better.

“Last week I treated everyone from an athlete with repetitive strain injury to a highly stressed small business owner, a teenager with eczema to a retired teacher with an underactive thyroid gland, through to a nurse suffering severe menstrual pain and a solicitor with fertility issues.”

Are you experiencing stress or anxiety? Let me help you.

Recent Onset Conditions

Have you just injured yourself following a sports injury? Suffering whiplash following a car accident? Hayfever symptoms driving you mad? I regularly deal with sports injuries, mobility issues, recent trauma, e.g. whiplash, Sciatica, acute backpain and post-operative rehabilitation.

Long Standing Conditions

Tired of feeling unwell? Are you in pain? Indigestion keeping you up all night? Don’t want to suffer any longer with your headaches and migraines? Still feeling fatigued following your recent Covid infection?

I deal effectively with insomnia, stress and anxiety too!

Fertility Support

I am experienced working alongside any traditional treatment you may be receiving.

Or, perhaps I can help you reach your optimal health before conception?

I offer sympathetic fertility support for men and women to help you achieve the baby you long for.

Gynaecological Support

Suffering with PMT? Irregular cycles, heavy bleeding, peri-menopausal symptoms? I offer gynae support to help address all aspects of your menstrual cycle.

I have particular expertise helping women manage their menopause. Do not suffer alone.

Sudden onset conditions

Eg Bell’s Palsy, whiplash, sciatica, traumatic injury eg. slipped discs, lower back sprains, hamstring injury, repetitive strain injury, UTIs, chest infections, stomach upsets, toothache, colds and flu

Long-standing conditions - Painful conditions
Headache & migraine, fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, frozen shoulder, gastric ulcer, heartburn, carpal tunnel syndrome
Long-standing conditions - Other conditions

Chronic fatigue syndrome, long COVID, insomnia, asthma, bowel conditions e.g. IBS, constipation, dizziness and vertigo, skin conditions e.g.eczema, psoriasis, underactive thyroid gland

Mental Health & Emotional Wellbeing

Anxiety and depression, stresspanic attacks

Fertility issues

Unexplained infertility, IVF preparation and support, recurrent miscarriage, infertility, endometriosis, PCOS


Dysmenorrhoea (painful periods), PMS, irregular menstruation, PCOS, endometriosis, menopausal issues


Morning sickness, malposition of baby, labour induction


Including hay fever, hives, conjunctivitis and aggravation of ongoing asthma or eczema symptoms

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Happy Stories, Testimonials and Reviews

How Louise Has Helped Her Clients.
I have been using complementary medicine, acupuncture and Chinese herbs from Louise for many years for my arthritis. Louise has supported me successfully through 2 knee replacements. I continue to use herbs and acupuncture from the Jade Centre to maintain my health.
Sue Hall
Louise has supported me over a number of years with Acupuncture, Chinese Herbs and suggestions on diet, all individually tailored to my health issues at the time. Her support has been invaluable to me to maintain a reasonable level of wellness, alongside the standard NHS treatments
Maggy Barnes
I have been attending regularly for acupuncture and herbs for over a year in response to some chronic health conditions. Louise has always provided a warm, caring and professional space and her experience and knowledge is very evident. I have benefited from consistent holistic support and guidance which I found lacking in the health system and overwhelming when trying to research and address things independently. My health has improved significantly as a result of the sessions and will continue to be a trusted resource for me in managing my health and wellbeing.
Hazel Keeley​
I was very nervous about acupuncture – but desperate! I had been in such an extreme level of neck pain for 4 months, it was even making swallowing painful – nothing was helping, in fact I was getting worse and worse. With just 1 treatment my pain level reduced from ‘100’ to ‘65/70’... I have gone from a point of having incredibly limited head mobility, to being able to twist and nod gently. I have a diagnosis of fairly advanced Parkinson’s, with all the complications that adds; this makes the huge improvement even more remarkable. I am so very grateful to Louise for her skill, knowledge, and relaxed calm manner. She must have studied and worked really hard over the years to have reached such a level. I’m really excited, and deeply relieved, about what the next treatments will bring. THANK YOU LOUISE.
Helen B
The Jade centre was highly recommended to me after I was having a few concerning health issues. After feeling rather disappointed by the nhs. I booked a series of accupuncture treatments. Louise is an amazing practitioner who shows great empathy and most of all she listens. She looked at each of my concerns and treated each of them individually. She also gave me some invaluable advice on other aspects of my health i.e. my diet and nutrition. On the whole the treatment improved my health and my well being 10 fold. Louise is very attentive and tailors all treatments to your specific needs.
fertility support diploma
ehtpa mark colour
neck and shoulder pain traditional chinese medicine
tcm acupuncture for fertitlity
health insurer treatment
traditional chinese herbal medicine colds and flu
TCM acupuncture for stress. As our lives become more and more stressful, I see increasing numbers of patients suffering with stress induced conditions. As always with tcm treatment, we will diagnose the underlying tcm patterns first

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