Introducing the Gingko Club

TCM is not just about treating people. It is a way of life!

Many of clients have asked whether they can enjoy the benefits of TCM to keep themselves healthy and head off any health issues in a more timely way!

By joining the Gingko Club, the answer is YES!

Club members invest in a regular, discounted clinic visit after their intiial traetment has been successful. Each clinic visit can be used (like servicing your car regularly) to:

  • Maintain the benefits received from having had acupuncture treatment for a particular condition
  • Check on current state of health (eg help with relaxation, reducing effects of stress, increasing energy levels, improving sleep quality).
  • Address new symptoms as they arise, before they develop into a new condition.
  • Receive personalised relevant lifestyle advice (e.g. dietary advice, health maintenance)

Club members also receive regular treats and freebies from me, such as herbal warming patches (for musculoskeletal pain) or cooling plasters (for injuries) or Chinese herbal pills (currently cost £24.50 per 10 day’s supply)

neck and shoulder pain traditional chinese medicine
tcm acupuncture for fertitlity
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traditional chinese herbal medicine colds and flu
TCM acupuncture for stress. As our lives become more and more stressful, I see increasing numbers of patients suffering with stress induced conditions. As always with tcm treatment, we will diagnose the underlying tcm patterns first

Join Louise's Gingko Club

Keep healthy and continue to enjoy life the TCM way.

12 month membership – saves 8% on adhoc clinic sessions.

£ 55