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Zita West Network for Reproductive Health

Fertility and pregnancy expert Zita West is a practising midwife, acupuncturist and nutritional advisor. In 1992 she set up ‘The Zita West Fertility Clinic’ – London’s famous holistic fertility clinic, which now combines cutting edge medical science and complementary therapies. She is the author of 9 fertility and pregnancy books and her latest book, ‘Eat Yourself Pregnant’ was released in September 2014.

‘The Zita West Network for Reproductive Health’ is an exciting new initiative in reproductive healthcare. The network is led by Zita alongside her renowned medical and complementary health team and specialises in all aspects of male and female reproductive health.

As a member of the Zita West network, we are fully trained in Zita West’s unique holistic approach to achieving optimum reproductive health.

Receiving on-going support from Zita and her colleagues we can offer discounts on Zita West Clinic Services, Nutritional Products and Fact Sheets on the following topics:

• Natural Conception: Useful, expert advice on how to prepare for a healthy conception
• Male Fertility: Useful nutritional advice to help maximise male fertility
• Foods For Fertility: Foods high in key nutrients for female and male fertility
• Preparing for IVF: Valuable dos and don’ts to help support your cycle
• Early Pregnancy: Keep you and your baby fit and healthy during early pregnancy
• Important Nutrients for Pregnancy: Handy checklist of key micro-nutrients for pregnancy

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